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Two guys who love a good bit of wargaming, that is Table Top Banter and we aim to share with you the stuff we do, the stuff we love and the stuff we hate.
So here goes, introductions.


Hello all, my name is Callum and I like Warhammer 40k. After years away from the hobby I decided to get back into it. So that I could learn more about it and help other beginners to learn I set up this blog and YouTube account. It's basically my journey back into 40k as well as a place for beginners to learn with me and experienced gamers to part their wisdom and laugh at my pitiful mistakes.

Thanks for reading and, have fun.

I have been playing warhammer on and off for as long as I remember and have kept it as my side hobby/guilty pleasure ever since I started.  I indulge myself more in the modelling side of the hobby but love a good game to boot.  A lover of power armour, books and gravy I hope to keep sharing this great hobby with all that care to read.

(This is actually me)

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